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Equine soundness and performance begins at an early age with attention to the horse's mouth. We offer Powerfloat dentistry using the "Swiss Float", which allows complete rounding of all the teeth with minimal to no oral trauma.

- Should begin when the young horse is in training

- Wolf tooth removal

- Removal of caps

- Removal of enamel points

- Creation of "bit seats"

- Early ID of conformational abnormalities

Find affordable, specialized care for your horses.

- Should be done annually to maintain the mouth at its peak

- Continual removal of enamel points

- Tuning "bit seats"

- Cap removal until age six

- Reduction of canine teeth

- Identification of dental disease and conformation problems

Digital radiology is a valuable tool available to diagnose advanced or subtle dental disease. MRI or CT scans at DFW Animal Imaging is also available for complicated or advanced dental diagnostics.

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Comprehensive Equine Dentistry

Performance Floats

Maintenance Floats

State-of-the-art technology

Geriatic Dental Care

- Floating the older horses' teeth helps to maintain condition and prevent weight loss by allowing the older equine to better utilize feed

- Ramp and hook reduction and/or removal

- Molar extraction

- Identification of diseased and abscessed teeth

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