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Our lameness exams rely on a host of diagnostic tools, including: local anesthesia, ultrasound exams, and digital radiology. Our lameness treatments include joint injections, surgical referrals, and regenerative medicine (IRAP therapy.) We also have the following advanced diagnostics available through our relationship with DFW Animal Imaging: MRI, nuclear scintigraphy (bone scans), and CT scans. Cloud storange and film viewing is also available.

Find solutions to lameness, or assess a horse before you buy it, with us.

Each of our pre-purchase exams are tailored to an individual buyer's needs. When assessing a buyer's needs, we take into account the type of horse desired, the horse's discipline, and the buyer's budget. Here are some things you can expect with our pre-purchase exams:


- Thorough physical exam of all organ systems

- Thorough lameness exam

- Flexion tests

- Extended examination using digital radiology

- Ultrasound, endoscopy, and lab work if desired by the potential buyer

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Lameness exams tailored to each horse's needs

Make an informed decision with our pre-purchase exams

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